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Okanagan Vinegar Brewery is Located in the fruit growing region of the Okanagan Valley. The company processes high quality value added food condiments from locally grown fruits. Okanagan Vinegar Brewery line of products are all natural specialty vinegars, wine jelly and condiments will give the consumer and growing tourist sector the opportunity to shop for locally made foods. Okanagan Vinegar Brewery is a innovative artisan processing concept for the region of western Canada. Our specialty vinegars are a pure natural product. Freshly pressed juice of best quality will convert in a double fermentation first to wine and then to vinegar. The vinegar mother is dating back to 1890 and comes from Germanys oldest brewery. Important for the young vinegars is the aging time in oak barrels, where it can develop aromas and a more clearly defined flavour and softness. All the vinegars are unfiltered, unpasteurized and no sulphites. All of the processing steps are done by hand and it takes years for our specialty vinegars to be ready for bottling. We using the traditional French Orleans method and a solera to craft our premium vinegar.  What sets Okanagan vinegar brewery apart from similar products in the market, that it is truly brewed in British Columbia and not from imported vinegars than blended and filled in fancy bottles and sold as made in B.C.